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MLB Schedule

Here is the MLB 2018 schedule.  

Date ▲Time ETAway ▲Home ▲Station ▲

Tue, May 158:10 pmSt. Louis CardinalsMinnesota TwinsFS1

Wed, May 1612:35 pmChicago White SoxPittsburgh PiratesMLBN

Wed, May 161:10 pmSt. Louis CardinalsMinnesota TwinsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Wed, May 163:40 pmTexas RangersSeattle MarinersFB-WATCH

Wed, May 163:45 pmCincinnati RedsSan Francisco GiantsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Wed, May 167:05 pmNew York YankeesWashington NationalsESPN

Thu, May 1712:10 pmLos Angeles DodgersMiami MarlinsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Thu, May 177:07 pmOakland AthleticsToronto Blue JaysMLBN (out-of-market only)

Thu, May 177:10 pmBaltimore OriolesBoston Red SoxMLBN (out-of-market only)

Thu, May 177:35 pmChicago CubsAtlanta BravesMLBN (out-of-market only)

Fri, May 187:05 pmLos Angeles DodgersWashington NationalsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Fri, May 187:10 pmArizona DiamondbacksNew York MetsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, May 191:07 pmOakland AthleticsToronto Blue JaysFOX Deportes

Sat, May 191:07 pmOakland AthleticsToronto Blue JaysFS1

Sat, May 194:05 pmColorado RockiesSan Francisco GiantsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, May 194:10 pmCleveland IndiansHouston AstrosMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, May 197:10 pmBaltimore OriolesBoston Red SoxMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, May 197:15 pmNew York YankeesKansas City RoyalsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sun, May 201:35 pmLos Angeles DodgersWashington NationalsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sun, May 202:15 pmNew York YankeesKansas City RoyalsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sun, May 208:08 pmCleveland IndiansHouston AstrosESPN

Mon, May 218:05 pmNew York YankeesTexas RangersMLBN (out-of-market only)

Mon, May 218:15 pmKansas City RoyalsSt. Louis CardinalsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Tue, May 227:05 pmCleveland IndiansChicago CubsESPN

Tue, May 2210:10 pmColorado RockiesLos Angeles DodgersESPN

Wed, May 231:10 pmArizona DiamondbacksMilwaukee BrewersMLBN (out-of-market only)

Wed, May 231:15 pmKansas City RoyalsSt. Louis CardinalsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Wed, May 237:05 pmNew York YankeesTexas RangersMLBN (out-of-market only)

Wed, May 238:05 pmCleveland IndiansChicago CubsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Thu, May 2412:35 pmPittsburgh PiratesCincinnati RedsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Thu, May 2412:37 pmLos Angeles AngelsToronto Blue JaysFB-WATCH

Thu, May 243:35 pmSeattle MarinersOakland AthleticsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Thu, May 246:10 pmHouston AstrosCleveland IndiansMLBN (out-of-market only)

Thu, May 247:10 pmBoston Red SoxTampa Bay RaysMLBN (out-of-market only)

Fri, May 252:20 pmSan Francisco GiantsChicago CubsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Fri, May 257:05 pmLos Angeles AngelsNew York YankeesMLBN (out-of-market only)

Fri, May 257:10 pmHouston AstrosCleveland IndiansMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, May 261:05 pmAtlanta BravesBoston Red SoxMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, May 264:05 pmKansas City RoyalsTexas RangersFS1

Sat, May 267:15 pmLos Angeles AngelsNew York YankeesFOX

Sat, May 267:15 pmHouston AstrosCleveland IndiansFOX

Sat, May 267:15 pmSan Francisco GiantsChicago CubsFOX

Sat, May 2610:10 pmMinnesota TwinsSeattle MarinersMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, May 2610:10 pmSan Diego PadresLos Angeles DodgersMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sun, May 271:05 pmLos Angeles AngelsNew York YankeesMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sun, May 271:10 pmHouston AstrosCleveland IndiansMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sun, May 278:08 pmSan Francisco GiantsChicago CubsESPN

Mon, May 281:05 pmHouston AstrosNew York YankeesESPN (out-of-market only)

Mon, May 284:10 pmChicago White SoxCleveland IndiansESPN (out-of-market only)

Mon, May 287:10 pmSan Francisco GiantsColorado RockiesESPN

Tue, May 297:05 pmWashington NationalsBaltimore OriolesMLBN (out-of-market only)

Tue, May 297:05 pmHouston AstrosNew York YankeesMLBN (out-of-market only)

Wed, May 301:05 pmToronto Blue JaysBoston Red SoxMLBN (out-of-market only)

Wed, May 301:10 pmSt. Louis CardinalsMilwaukee BrewersFB-WATCH

Wed, May 301:10 pmChicago White SoxCleveland IndiansMLBN (out-of-market only)

Thu, May 311:10 pmLos Angeles AngelsDetroit TigersMLBN (out-of-market only)

Thu, May 313:35 pmTampa Bay RaysOakland AthleticsMLBN

Thu, May 318:10 pmCleveland IndiansMinnesota TwinsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Thu, May 318:10 pmBoston Red SoxHouston AstrosMLBN (out-of-market only)

Fri, Jun 18:10 pmBoston Red SoxHouston AstrosMLBN (out-of-market only)

Fri, Jun 18:40 pmLos Angeles DodgersColorado RockiesMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, Jun 22:10 pmMilwaukee BrewersChicago White SoxMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, Jun 22:15 pmPittsburgh PiratesSt. Louis CardinalsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, Jun 24:10 pmCleveland IndiansMinnesota TwinsFS1

Sat, Jun 27:15 pmChicago CubsNew York MetsFOX

Sat, Jun 27:15 pmBoston Red SoxHouston AstrosFOX

Sat, Jun 27:15 pmLos Angeles DodgersColorado RockiesFOX

Sat, Jun 210:05 pmPhiladelphia PhilliesSan Francisco GiantsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, Jun 210:10 pmMiami MarlinsArizona DiamondbacksMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sun, Jun 31:10 pmChicago CubsNew York MetsMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sun, Jun 31:35 pmWashington NationalsAtlanta BravesMLBN (out-of-market only)

Tue, Jun 58:15 pmMiami MarlinsSt. Louis CardinalsFS1

Wed, Jun 63:45 pmArizona DiamondbacksSan Francisco GiantsFB-WATCH

Sat, Jun 97:15 pmNew York YankeesNew York MetsFOX

Sat, Jun 97:15 pmArizona DiamondbacksColorado RockiesFOX

Sat, Jun 97:15 pmHouston AstrosTexas RangersFOX

Tue, Jun 127:35 pmNew York MetsAtlanta BravesESPN

Wed, Jun 134:10 pmLos Angeles AngelsSeattle MarinersFB-WATCH

Thu, Jun 143:35 pmHouston AstrosOakland AthleticsMLBN

Thu, Jun 147:05 pmTampa Bay RaysNew York YankeesFS1

Sat, Jun 168:15 pmBoston Red SoxSeattle MarinersFOX

Sat, Jun 168:15 pmSan Francisco GiantsLos Angeles DodgersFOX

Sat, Jun 168:15 pmChicago CubsSt. Louis CardinalsFOX

Wed, Jun 2012:37 pmAtlanta BravesToronto Blue JaysFB-WATCH

Sat, Jun 234:10 pmNew York YankeesTampa Bay RaysFS1

Sat, Jun 237:15 pmSeattle MarinersBoston Red SoxFOX

Sat, Jun 237:15 pmKansas City RoyalsHouston AstrosFOX

Sat, Jun 237:15 pmLos Angeles DodgersNew York MetsFOX

Tue, Jun 267:10 pmArizona DiamondbacksMiami MarlinsFS1

Wed, Jun 272:10 pmKansas City RoyalsMilwaukee BrewersFB-WATCH

Sat, Jun 307:15 pmColorado RockiesLos Angeles DodgersFOX

Sat, Jun 307:15 pmAtlanta BravesSt. Louis CardinalsFOX

Sat, Jun 307:15 pmBoston Red SoxNew York YankeesFOX

Sun, Jul 18:05 pmBoston Red SoxNew York YankeesESPN

Sat, Jul 74:10 pmAtlanta BravesMilwaukee BrewersFS1

Sat, Jul 77:15 pmBoston Red SoxKansas City RoyalsFOX

Sat, Jul 77:15 pmLos Angeles DodgersLos Angeles AngelsFOX

Sat, Jul 77:15 pmMiami MarlinsWashington NationalsFOX

Tue, Jul 108:10 pmKansas City RoyalsMinnesota TwinsFS1

Sat, Jul 147:15 pmLos Angeles AngelsLos Angeles DodgersFOX

Sat, Jul 147:15 pmNew York YankeesCleveland IndiansFOX

Sat, Jul 147:15 pmTexas RangersBaltimore OriolesFOX

Tue, Jul 178:00 pmNational League All-StarsAmerican League All-StarsFOX

Sat, Jul 217:15 pmHouston AstrosLos Angeles AngelsFOX

Sat, Jul 217:15 pmSt. Louis CardinalsChicago CubsFOX

Sun, Jul 228:05 pmNew York MetsNew York YankeesESPN

Sat, Jul 284:05 pmChicago CubsSt. Louis CardinalsFS1

Sun, Jul 298:05 pmChicago CubsSt. Louis CardinalsESPN

Wed, Aug 13:35 pmToronto Blue JaysOakland AthleticsMLBN

Sat, Aug 44:05 pmNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxFS1

Sat, Aug 47:10 pmLos Angeles AngelsCleveland IndiansFS1

Sat, Aug 114:05 pmWashington NationalsChicago CubsFS1

Sat, Aug 117:10 pmMilwaukee BrewersAtlanta BravesFS1

Wed, Aug 153:35 pmSeattle MarinersOakland AthleticsMLBN

Thu, Aug 16TBDNew York MetsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLBN (out-of-market only)

Sat, Aug 184:05 pmBaltimore OriolesCleveland IndiansFS1

Sat, Aug 187:15 pmMilwaukee BrewersSt. Louis CardinalsFS1

Sun, Aug 197:10 pmNew York MetsPhiladelphia PhilliesESPN

Wed, Aug 223:35 pmTexas RangersOakland AthleticsMLBN

Sat, Aug 254:05 pmWashington NationalsNew York MetsFS1

Sat, Aug 257:10 pmAtlanta BravesMiami MarlinsFS1

Sat, Sep 14:05 pmDetroit TigersNew York YankeesFS1

Sat, Sep 17:10 pmTampa Bay RaysCleveland IndiansFS1

Mon, Sep 31:05 pmSt. Louis CardinalsWashington NationalsESPN (out-of-market only)

Tue, Sep 48:05 pmLos Angeles AngelsTexas RangersFS1

Sat, Sep 84:05 pmHouston AstrosBoston Red SoxFS1

Sat, Sep 151:05 pmDetroit TigersCleveland IndiansFOX

Sat, Sep 151:05 pmLos Angeles DodgersSt. Louis CardinalsFOX

Sat, Sep 157:15 pmMinnesota TwinsKansas City RoyalsFS1

Thu, Sep 203:35 pmLos Angeles AngelsOakland AthleticsMLBN

Sat, Sep 297:10 pmDetroit TigersMilwaukee BrewersFS1